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Journal Distribution

Thanks to various distribution channels, EJMSS reaches many recipients.

The journal is available at:


  • Industry events: fairs, congresses, symposia, conferences, training


  • At universities, schools and libraries as a specimen


  • At the editorial office: Indygo Zahir Media Miernicza 22 Publishing House,

50-435, Wrocław


We are open to cooperation with new business partners, universities, schools, libraries and companies organizing training courses.


Professional approach, selection of interesting topics, as well as many possible ways of purchasing our bimonthly magazine make EJMSS more and more popular. We are the leader on the trade press market.


EJMSS subscription 1 year (2 copies)


COST - PLN 35.00

Edition 2021/1 EJMSS

COST - PLN 18.90

Edition 2020/2 EJMSS

COST - PLN 18.90

Edition 2020/1 EJMSS

COST - PLN 18.90

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